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The Best Fitness Tracker in the Market

A 2019 study by Attest established that millennials are more likely than other members of any other generation in the United Kingdom to own a smartwatch or health tracker. The Attest study recorded 37.6 % of millennials claiming to own fitness and health trackers.   A fitness tracker is a wearable device, often on the wrist, that helps one monitor their health and fitness. In particular,… Read More »The Best Fitness Tracker in the Market

PoketFit - Health Tech Apple Watch

How accurate is your apple watch?

Do you think having an Apple Watch on your wrist will keep you healthy? One of its ways is to monitor your accurate heart rate and fibrillation. This personal information is used to watch how your body is responding and many users are adopting to wear the watches all day. It was not embraced in the beginning but the advancement in series 1, 2, and… Read More »How accurate is your apple watch?

PoketFIt - Calorie Calculators

Calorie Calculators can we trust them

Do you ask yourself how these calorie calculators work? A bigger percentage of people are now using mobile apps on checking their body weights. Calorie calculators cannot predict the right accurate information you need. What it does is estimates your calories depending on the data they have collected. Most often it tracks depending on the information that you provide. Your current weight will tell you… Read More »Calorie Calculators can we trust them

Poketfit - Health Tech

Health tech

Due to the Covid 19 impact on many countries, the developed countries preferred technology as an option in the hospitals. Health technology was being thought about to enhance quality and provide better health care services. Health is one concern for every human being. Patients did not embrace using the technology, but due to the impact, millions of people could only connect by the use of… Read More »Health tech