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Due to the Covid 19 impact on many countries, the developed countries preferred technology as an option in the hospitals. Health technology was being thought about to enhance quality and provide better health care services. Health is one concern for every human being.

Patients did not embrace using the technology, but due to the impact, millions of people could only connect by the use of technologies. The hospital had to find other alternatives to test and serve their patients. This made doctors realise that technology can also work. Health technology has rapidly grown and companies innovations have improved.

It has even reduced cases of large files in hospitals due to cloud data storage. Information can be retrieved quickly and the patient can be served with another whereas doctor, not in the same country. In the past, this seems to be difficult. But with the help of an online app and the internet, it is successful.

The technology could not yet be introduced to them, thus they have to visit the hospitals now and then. Clinical operations still were conducted each day as there still is a medical procedure. Doctors are being trained on how to use them on patients to eradicate the analogue system ways.

Here we going to look at different technologies that have been put in place for the health sector.

Artificial intelligence

With AI, it is faster when providing any information. If you have any symptoms from a particular disease, it will provide you with the drugs that you can administer to the patient. This is one of the technologies that is undertaking most and incorporated in many hospitals. This helps you provide any health advice to a patient.

It also reduces the need to visit the hospital more often. It can be able to track your progress, medicine intake and nurses time. It shows you how if your diet is followed correctly, medicines are taken as prescribed and if the appointment is followed.

Virtual Reality

Companies like Osso Vr, emerge in the use of providing the virtual experience. This is mostly a trained program whereby surgeons are trained on how they can operate using this technology. You can not believe that you can perform an operation where you are without being in the physical operation room.

The hospitals which use this technology will tell you how it has been efficient in times of crisis. The surgeons who practise digital virtual reality, do not want to be in the physical location during an operation. They prefer to adopt this way due to the machine learning process. You find no time consumption as an investment in the health care system.

As time goes by, the traditional method of operation will have evaded. You do not need to be worried to find that your procedure can run in virtual reality and still be successful. This information will have been provided to you before anything takes place.


The future of engineering is really taking over in the digital space. You would not imagine a robot being one of them. Health technology is coming up at a faster pace than expected.

Whereby robots will perform surgery without any assistance from a human being. It enables you to track every progress and step until a successful surgery takes place. This will minimise the need for doctors, nurses and surgeons.

It is enabled in a way to be a stress reliever and a good company when you feel lonely. The robot is been bought to save those in depression and at an elderly age. You won’t feel a sense of humour like that of a person. But it does a better performance in eliminating boredom and you find yourself laughing.


This enables the printing of the inner blood vessels and living cells. All the printer does is print the digital file as to how the affected areas are captured. You will find this printing in most of the hospitals.

The transplants of the organs will be a live saver to the patient. The radiographer will be able to structure an organ faster than using the traditional method of grinding and craving. It used in replacing any joint or restoring any dental issue. All this process takes the radiographer to look into the file and be able to align your body organs.

Any measure is regulated by FDA to avoid any issues that come from it. It has a classification according to Class 1, class 11, and class 111 which is taken to minimise risks.

It helps in capturing any medical information and treatments.


This deals with the manipulation of atoms and molecules to a tolerance that is less than 100 nanometre. It benefits the cancer patients most. Which will help the surgeons when conducting cancer treatments.

It will be hard to evade this digital health technology, the hospitals find them easier and more affordable than hiring a new medical practitioner. It helps in cost-saving and implementation of new ideas even to the startup’s companies.

You cannot believe an electronic pill will be inserted into your system and capture the areas of your body with ailments. This takes place whereby the patient swallows the electronic pill and the pill moves out with the intended information without the need of an operation. The electronic pill administered to a patient is not harmful and has no side effects on your body. This assures you that it cannot alter your body organs.

The surgeon tracks the movement of the pill by using a smartphone or a device.

As this technology will continue growing in the healthcare industry. The companies which manufacture nanomedicine will come up with other uses.


This advancement of communication has really being received by many health care practitioners and patients. You find that the queue that was found in the health care facilities have reduced. This innovation was to rest patients and access health care service at home.

You could find a patient in another country who can still communicate with his/her doctor. The doctor would need to know how your health is, drugs taken and how the progress has been. You can even be prescribed drugs and the diagnostic depending on your symptoms. This innovation came at the right time.

Currently, this has been one of the systems that have gained more popularity faster. It helps you to be diagnosed faster and your recovery rate is high. You find those in the hospitals will recover slower than those using telehealth support.

Medical tricorder

Do not be shocked when you find healthcare professionals diagnosing you using this machine. This will have eased how the traditional method was undertaken. The doctor will have to stay with the device in his hand the whole day which will ease him when checking patients.

The device scans a patient and diagnoses a patients heart rate, blood pressure and other ailments. This turns out faster and the doctor diagnoses you depending on the report given. By using a smartphone the network will have to be stable in order for it to function as desired.

Although it is far from conducting other in-depth ailments. There are still advancements in testing samples and critical conditions.

Final words

As the demand to use health tech is high, embracing it will lead to a big change. You find Governments are funding for health techs projects and the sector grows. Your life is saved also by these technologies. The access will be high many companies will be using this innovation.

This support is shown worldwide to millions of people. The innovators are using the needed research to come up with successful projects. Organisations are teaching their medics by offering them support on their usage.

Within 20 years, the market will already be flooded with different technologies. Countries that have embraced these health tech systems will benefit more from a market that is not yet saturated.

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