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Should You Really Invest in a Calorie Calculator?

Calorie calculators are designed to help you analyze how many calories you take daily, and how many calories your body needs to maintain your current weight. Calorie calculators can help you determine how many calories you need to burn daily to attain a healthy weight.

Calorie calculators can help you become conscious of your caloric level. But with today’s emphasis on reading food labels, you may be wondering whether you should invest in a calorie calculator.

You could be wondering if investing in a calorie calculator has short and long-term benefits. Perhaps you think its benefits are rather shallow and not worth it.

Are Calorie calculators accurate?

Calorie calculators are not 100% accurate. If you have been asking yourself if your recent calorie calculator records were right, the best answer you can get is “maybe”. You cannot get a definite yes or no answer to that.

Calorie calculators only estimate the number of calories taken and recommend the amount you need to maintain your current weight or to burn to attain a healthy weight. All these are just estimates, nothing 100%.

Several factors play role in whether or not calorie calculator readings are definite.

Such factors include gender, age, height, activity, body fat levels, diet history, current health status, medications are taken, and genetics. Interestingly, the climate is also a factor in determining the exact caloric level recommendations for an individual. All these factors are considered in predicting your caloric needs. It is impossible to find accurate caloric needs for everyone while considering all these factors.

2 Tips to make your calorie calculator near accurate

Feed-in truthful information

Calorie calculators are not people to personally know you. You need to be truthful about basic things such as height, weight, and activity levels. Do not claim you are physically active yet you are not.

Avoid keying in a weight that you wish you had for the record. Key in your most recent scale reading. If you are on medication, specify that. 

If you ate two plates of fried chips, specify that. Do not feed in one plate of fried chips to look all healthy. 

Truthfully record your goal of using the calorie calculator. Do not say you want to lose weight yet your weight is within a healthy weight. 

It is simple, what you feed into your calorie calculator is what you get. The less truthful you are, the less accurate your caloric readings will be. 

Be Consistent

Once you start using a calorie calculator ensure that you do not record irregular inputs. Establish some level of consistency.

If you want to have daily caloric readings, record your diet and physical activities daily. If you prefer a more summarized weekly diet and physical activities, take that path- but be consistent.

Consistency in using the calorie calculator is important such that you will be able to check the subsequent consistency of your caloric levels. 

Consistency also involves your adherence to your calorie calculator suggestions. As much as it is not 100% accurate, you are less likely to meet your health and fitness goals if you only semi-follow its suggestions.

For example, your calorie calculator can suggest that you take 2,000 calories per day. You may follow through the 2,000 calories for two weeks then boom, a long holiday comes and you fail to adhere to it for a couple of days. Be honest with yourself, you are not consistent. Thus, the calorie calculator is not to blame if you find high levels of inaccuracy. 

Faithfully follow the tips provided after every calorie calculation session and see to it that you make progressive steps towards maintaining your current healthy weight or attaining a healthy weight. 

Top 3 Calorie Calculators


Lifesum is an easy-to-use calorie tracker. It is top on this list because it is customized to establish all you need to know about healthy eating. You will not only find it flexible but also get motivational healthy eating habits- all in one place.

It is an all-purpose calorie calculator since it counts calories and matches with healthy eating while offering suggestions for the same. If you want a more personalized experience, you will love Lifesum’s barcode scanner and picture recognition. This also offers faster logging. 

You can track everything from calories to the amount of exercise. You can also find your daily ratings and a Life Score based on your goals. This helps you to know what you are doing and what to do to improve your ratings to meet your set goals. 

Lifesum has a premium subscription that includes meal planning. If meal planning is an additional item you require, do not mind parting with a few bucks to get the premium meal plans customized for you. However, you can still enjoy Lifesum’s free features that will help you attain your health and fitness goals.

SparkPeople Calorie Tracker app

Trying to maintain or attain a healthy weight can sometimes be demotivating. You can be trying everything within your means but every time you get on that scale, your hopes are shuttered. It might be that you need a community with similar goals to hold your hand stays motivated.

The SparkPeople app got you covered. SparkPeople is more than just a calorie tracker since you get to experience a community of people with the same goals as you. You will get your calorie counts in the rich database, daily ratings, meal planner, and exercise journal. You will additionally get a support group of health and fitness professionals and peers who want to stay healthy. 

Fitness challenges available in the SparkPeople community can help you stay motivated. You are sure to find support and become even more accountable with tracking your calories and attaining a generally healthy lifestyle. 


MyNetDiary is a premium calorie calculator that goes for £3.99. It is not only a calorie calculator but also more of a support network.

Similar to SparkPeople, MyNetDiary offers a great support network to keep you motivated. It scans the barcodes of your food and instantly calculates calorie intake. This means that you can scan calorie intake on the go, even at the stores before purchasing your food item.

It has a large pool of community forum that helps you stay motivated, share tips, and get recipe ideas for healthy foods. Interestingly, you can speak with fellow users on the forum- a perfect place to establish long-term friendships with like-minded people. 

Final Thoughts

You should invest in a calorie calculator. Invest your time, effort, and even money. If you can afford premium subscriptions, go ahead and subscribe. 

Remember that you need to be truthful when you enter your details to get near accurate estimates. Calorie calculators are not 100 % accurate. However, you can get better estimates if you establish a level of consistency and adhering to the tips you get. 

Using a calorie calculator and faithfully following tips and recommendations does not equate to a healthy life. Other factors contribute to your overall health and fitness beyond your calorie count. Adopt healthy behaviors such as little to no smoking, reduced alcohol intake, adequate sleep, and exercising, among others to stay healthy. 

Download that calorie calculator app and watch yourself become more conscious about your diet, and attain your fitness goals. 

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