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The best online fitness solutions in the UK at the moment

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In online fitness, you follow training sessions prepared by personal trainers or instructors. You interact with the trainer through websites or apps. Fitness websites and apps contain helpful content. The content can be in the form of videos, tips, and articles. You can find personalised courses, diet plans, and support systems.

Your online trainer works with you to set fitness goals. The trainer monitors your progress weekly. Online fitness training has steadily been gaining popularity in the UK. The current COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated this shift. This has lead to the closure of gyms and fitness physical places.

Why is Online Fitness Great?

Even if you are on a tight budget, disabled, ailing, very busy, or lazy, you need to have fitness goals. Here are the reasons online fitness is the big thing.

1. Affordability

Many people avoid gym sessions because they are pricy. Online sessions are affordable because you can get pre-recorded videos. However, some apps offer live sessions too. You can also engage a top trainer you would otherwise not afford.

2. Flexibility

A gym requires you to make adjustments to your schedule to suit the trainer’s timing. Online sessions are available 24/7, so you can exercise when you have the time. These sessions are packed with bodyweight exercises you can complete at home.

3. Access to Top trainers

The internet is a powerful tool because it gives you access to an expert in any part of the globe. You can also select a trainer who can connect with your personality. All you need is to access their online training program and get used to their routine.

4. Privacy

You are likely to benefit more when you are in personal space than training in a crowded room. Some people also avoid the gym because they are shy, so they feel Uncomfortable. Besides having your own space, working out at home also makes it possible for you to exercise at your own pace.

5. Better Focus

When you exercise at home, you should submit your progress weekly. So, you work hard to present impressive results every week. That desire motivates you to work hard to meet the target.

Health and Fitness Apps in the UK

If you want to change your life, you need a fitness app with features that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Here are some of the best health and fitness apps in the UK.

▪        Results Wellness Lifestyle (RWL) App

It is a comprehensive online fitness platform, mainly targeting women. Besides being free to download, the app is compatible with android versions. Live workouts are uploaded daily. So you do not have to rely on pre-records only.

The Calorie Calculator is significant if you intend to lose or maintain your weight. You check your daily calorie intake to avoid weight gain. The Calorie Tracker is designed to show you the calories of almost any type of food or drink.

Sync to SmartWatch is a feature that makes it possible for you to see your data on the smartwatch. So, your smartwatch can show the calories you have burnt on a particular day.

The list of over 500 recipes is updated regularly with healthy and tasty plans. The Food tab has details such as ingredients, the time to cook, and calories. New recipes are added weekly.

▪        Fiit App

This app offers personalised plans. The plans include cardio, rebalancing, and strength workouts.

You can choose a monthly or yearly subscription. However, you can start with the free Trial to have a feel of what to expect. The app has over 40 live sessions every day. They also keep developing their exercises.

The high-intensity exercises are under leading trainers in the UK. Some of these trainers have worked with celebrities. You do not need to be in the UK to enjoy the services of such top-notch trainers.

This app allows you to view upcoming group sessions. A leaderboard helps group people according to their heart rates and fitness trackers. You can use the leaderboard to schedule challenges with friends or family.

Fiit provides bodyweight exercises. So, some sessions are so practical that you need to have dumbbells. You may also buy special equipment such as treadmills and elliptical machines. You can explore other classes, including breathwork tuition and mobility classes.

▪        Alo Moves

This app targets dedicated yogis who are introduced to sound bath, meditation, HIIT, and pirates. World-class trainers handle the classes. More videos are added every week.

Upon starting the app, the next step is to give answers to a questionnaire. You provide details such as your goals and experience level. The app selects videos that match those details.

The Class Finder Filter allows you to select time, intensity, trainer. You can also choose a class that is suitable for your mood. If you are usually very busy, you can use the filter to customise the duration. Before the class starts, the app provides vital information about the instructor.

The offline download feature allows you to save videos. So, you can exercise even in places with poor internet connections. The classes are personalised to match your ability level and fitness goals. You are also provided with effective meal plans.

▪        Freeletics

The app contains bodyweight training sessions that do not need equipment. Freeletics has almost 1,000 workout plans. You can select training according to your goals, the body part you wish to exercise, and the duration your exercise will take.

The Free Version has quality training classes for varying ability levels. However, the premium subscription has advanced tools and features. For example, you can enjoy a personalised weekly plan. There are 8 premium options. You can identify the option that suits your budget and fitness goals.

There is the Daily Recap that gives you a summary of your performance every day. This feature considers the entire workout. The report motivates you because you can see your progress. You also see the areas that need special attention.

You can share your lifestyle using the Bonus feature. Those around you can follow you and see the number of squats or how many steps you have made. By sharing your lifestyle through Bonus, you encourage others to subscribe to training.


Health and fitness apps have many advantages compared to going to a gym. The amount you pay to meet your fitness goals is a fraction of what you would pay in a gym. Once you take up a free trial or subscription, the app allows you to be trained by experts.

Apps contain multiple videos. The filters allow you to personalise the sessions. The apps are also compatible with android versions and iOS. So you do not have to spend more once you pay for the subscription.

Online fitness training can attribute its success to the convenience it offers to you and the trainers. All you need is to identify an app that suits your budget. You also need to consider the nature of the training that an app is offering. For example, Alo Moves offers yoga training. Fiit offers bodyweight exercises that require special equipment. Regardless of where you are or how tight your schedule is, you have no reason to be unfit.

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